Discover what to visit in the surrounding area of Milano Marittima


Want to relax after a hot day at the beach? Are you looking for a great alternative to the beach?
Pampered in the center of Milano Marittima, a walk through the streets and alleys full of shops of top brands and trendy.
There are really exclusive shops, such as Julian, for clothing, where to find Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Ralph Lauren, etc. ..

In summer, the shops are open every day, nearly all of them on Sunday evening.

In the centre of Cervia

Dominating the historic center of Cervia is the typical appearance of the town square of foundation, built on a well-defined project that is provided for the accommodation of the houses of the salt in the walls and the houses in the central area of local authorities.
Thus was born Cervia New, built using the material of the old city of salt, abandoned due to ill healthy air of the swamp.

Walking through the streets of the historic center and the city fascinates shows itself in all its magnificent splendor.

Spa in Cervia

The well-being first and foremost. And what better way than to combine a holiday at sea in all the wealth that can offer you our mother Terme where the water used in thermal paths is extracted directly from the nearby Saline?

Our wellness programs are designed to inhalation treatments, cures for deafness and pneumologic salsobromoiodic thanks to the water at 2 ° Baume salt concentration used for inhalation, aerosols and sprays.
We also offer mud bath therapy and fisiokinesi therapy.

Salt Flats of Cervia

From Highway 16, towards Forlì, you can see the salt flats, 827 acres of salt basins, which are today a nature reserve South Station and the Park of the Po Delta immediately encounters a first basin called Salina Camillone, turned into real open-air museum and managed by the Group salt Civilization that, for demonstration purposes, organizes free guided tours during the summer in order to provide information and demonstrations for the processing of salt. Some centuries ago in this area stood Cervia Old ...

Natural Park of Cervia

The perfect place to get in touch with the natural environment, flora and fauna of the place.

The reference point for educational activities, sports and entertainment that each year welcomes tourists and school groups to explore the nature that surrounds us with educational walks, guided tours, workshops and tours.

Activate the senses, breathe fresh air, discover the beauty that surrounds us into the nature and in the domesticated and wild fauna of the place.


Pinewood Root

The city boasts a wealth of valuable green areas which made the development of tourism in total harmony with the environment. This enormous wealth is characterized by pine forest of Cervia, the southernmost part of the "forest and often live" so celebrated by Dante and Byron, which covers about 260 hectares. In 1963, it was also established a Natural Park of 27 hectares and 24 hectares of pinewood wide range constitutes a green lung between the beach and the resorts of Pinarella and Cut. Here we propose a route through the pine forest to live by bicycle.